Member Institutions

We invite you to join our Farmer Platform membership network around the world.

The Farmer Platform is a way for farmers & institutions to exchange information, socialize, learn, and connect with peers on a regular, ongoing basis. The most important point about a farmer network is that the farmers decide what they want to learn and create together. As well as farmers share information, learn together and create subgroups according to their interests, the institutions/organizations can also exchange information and experience, collaborate and establish national and international partnerships through the Platform.

Membership can start at any moment in the year.

This membership provides the opportunity for an organization to support the activities of the Farmer Platform and at the same time benefit from the network as well as recognition.

Members will have the opportunity to share news from their institution via newsletters after the approval by the Platform’s Managerial Board.

Institutional Memberships are available to non-profit or for-profit organizations, and research organizations. This membership category is open to all research institutions and centres, as well as professional membership associations and other learned societies.

Additionally, Institutional Memberships allow foundations, and other organizations to join the Farmer Platform as an organization.

This membership provides opportunity to build up new partnerships and collaborations for businesses or projects under their own responsibilities.

*No Fee for the membership.