Increasing developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) have made significant contributions to the increase in the economic growth of countries and to the improvement of living standards of individuals.

The development of digital infrastructures and mobile technologies creates new opportunities for citizens to increase their digital participation by providing new opportunities for continuous change and collaboration. There are various digital opportunities for adults in the digital world. However, digital participation faces numerous challenges. In particular most of farmers are unable to use these programs and services to keep abreast of all the latest technological developments  due to lack of digital skills. The digital literacy of farmers, in other words, the ability of them to use digital technology, communication tools or networks, to perform the tasks effectively in the digital environment need to be improved.

Therefore, Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “Developing Farmers' Digital Skills” was prepared; contributing to the active participation of rural farmers/producers in social and business life and enabling them to be more active by increasing their digital transversal skills; thereby increasing their efficiency and productivity in their lives.

Networking is the process of building a mutually beneficial relationship with other people and meeting common grounds. Therefore, it is of great importance to establish a farmer network.

We have established the "Farmer Platform" within the scope of the "Developing Digital Skills of Farmers" Project.

The Farmer network,

-will build community by creating new friendships and business partnerships and deepening existing ones;

-will provide online training opportunities;

-will target specific audiences with shared interests and concerns;

-will provide farmers with a space for peer-to-peer discussion, which often results in innovative production and marketing strategies.

In addition, farmers can also organize subgroups based on their interests, such as organic farming, women farmers, or specific commodities through the farmer network.

The "Farmer Platform" is composed of six sections: Forum/Discussion, Training Room, Useful Links, Information Resources, News/Announcements/Events and Institutions/Organizations that will enable corporate collaborations.